Reference Material and Equipment Set-up Videos

Equipment Setup Video

Date: Sep 27, 2017

The link below shows a video describing the set up procedures for a complete plein air and studio configuration

Moonlight - Warm or Cool?

Date: Mar 25, 2017

There are two articles on moonlight, the first is a technical article by physicists that addresses the question - Is moonlight warm or cool?  The answer is an interesting blend of what the intervening atmosphere does to the light being reflected from the moon and how the eye perceives this light. Caution - it is a technical article, but if you really want to know the scoop.......

The second article is by James Gurney and is written for artists but still has useful technical explanations.

Gallery lighting

Date: Feb 28, 2017

This photo shows how different the color temperature can be depending on where your painting is hung in a typical gallery. The variable color temperature of the ArtEscape lighting can allow one to assess how a painting will look under various lighting conditions

Light Meter to Measure Color Temperature

Date: Feb 27, 2017

The Iphone App Pocket Light Meter can be downloaded from the App Store. In addition to measuring the light level of a scene it measures the color temperature in degrees K. It is very usefull in setting the ArtEscape lighting systems to specific color temperatures. By setting the color temperature of the light, painting can be done in the studio to continue a plein air painting that was started in cool light. It is also useful to view your painting before it is finished in light that will match the light in the location the painting will be hung

This link takes you to the App store to download it

Useful References to 'How To' books

Date: Feb 19, 2017

This link provides the titles of two classic art instruction books by Payne and Carlson and some others that I have found very useful. They can be purchased at reasonable prices on Amazon

Gamblin Color Space Video

Date: Feb 19, 2017

"Navigating Color Space" - a video that explains value, hue and intensity using a 3D model by The Owner of Gamblin

Value Viewer Ap

Date: Feb 19, 2017

The Value Viewer Ap for smart phones will convert your photo of a scene or your painting into a two value (NOTAN) pattern, a three value grey scale pattern or a simple black and white representation. This can be very useful in initial assessments of the value structure of a potential scene for painting or to check the values during your painting process. This link takes you to the Apple store where you can purchase this ap for a one time charge of $4.95. The second link shows the four views the App provides: color, grey scale, three value and Notan.