This section highlights anything new that relates to painting and art equipment supplies. Examples could include plein air painting sites, "how-to" books and DVDs, and special exhibits in museums and galleries, In addition, on occasion I will offer special discounts on equipment.

    Oct 23, 2018

ArtEscape Lights can now be used with all pochades and easels. The standard lighting clamp works with most pochade boxes and easels including the French easel, Open Box-M, Easy-L, ArtEscape pochades, Alla Prima Yosemite, the Coulter Easel and Day Tripper.  STRADA, Edge Pro  and Artworks Essential Classic Series boxes require adaptors as described below.


Two  methods of attaching the lights to the STRADA easel are shown  below:

Artwork Esentials Classic Series:

These boxes use the STRADA Option 1 adaptor shown above.

Edge Pro:

The photo below shows the lighting adaptor for the Edge Pro pochade box



Real Time Weather Cameras

    Mar 04, 2018

How often have you wondered what the cloud patterns, surf conditions or fog levels might be where you are heading to paint? There are now a surprising number of web sites that offer real time camera views of the weather around the world. These sites can be very useful especially in coastal areas where the fog, cloud and sea conditions can vary widely from the inland areas. The link for one such site is shown below. You start by selecting the country and then the state and then you will see which locations have the cameras. On this site you will find that not all cameras are operating. I am giving this site as an example and there may be better ones available. 


The link below takes you to a specific camera located on top of Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay, CA.



Nocturnal Painting

    Apr 05, 2017

I am very interested in nocturnal plein air painting.  I developed the Compact LED Lighting System to provide artists (including myself) with a light weight, compact and affordable way to paint plein air at night. A unique feature of these lights is the ability to continuously vary the color temperature of the illumination from warm to cool. The advantages of this feature are described in the Art Supplies section of the website. At a recent Plein Air Convention artists Jason Sacron demonstrated nocturnal painting tecniques. A link to his work is below.

    Mar 18, 2017

Brushes Redux

I have been using an App called Brushes Redux. I don’t think much of digital art, but that is not how I have been using this App. I take a photo of a partially finished painting and then use this app to try “What if” changes to the painting. It is surprisingly easy to use in this manner. You can lighten or darken a color, move items around, soften edges, or add a layer of color like a glaze. All of this is done quickly without having to scrape off paint and possibly ruin a painting in the process. The link below will take you to a video that shows how I had my way with a painting in the manner I described above. This a very short video but it illustrates a time sequence of the changes I made to the painting digitally  - i just added some shadows in the lower right  and then a line on the road followed by some sunlight reflections on the car. You might like to try it out.